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EXHIBITION - Am I Dreaming?
November 2011

Am I Dreaming?

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EXHIBITION - Happiness - August 2010

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EXHIBITION - Mud - January 2010


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11 February - 15 April 2010

Mud is a collection of illustrative works inspired by childrens' natural instincts to play, whether in mud, with paint, a toy truck, a new ballet skirt, or insects from the garden!

Adam Check, Chief Executive, Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation said, "We are delighted that Kirsty Shadiac is supporting the hospital, and through her art helping to create a child friendly and healing environment for patients, visitors and staff."

From the Garden I From the Garden II From the Garden III From the Garden IV Into the Creek Learner Listen Little Rabbit Flower Girl My Foot Portrait of a Boy Deep Blue Rhinoceros Beetle Sawtooth Grain Beetle Longhorn Beetle Lord Howe Island Stick Insect Swamp Yabby Boots on Cross the Creek The Tree Tree Monkey Lost the Boot Frog Froggies in the Mud Pool Leap Frog 4WD in the Mud A Worm Bee Breeze Over the Mud Hill
Butterfly Girl Butterfly Catch me Brother Chicken Found 'im in the Mud Fruitful Gardening Gloves and a Shingleback Lizard Handstands Light in Darkness Little Koala Mud Cake Mud King New Skirt Out Comes the Sunshine Slimy Paint
The Moth
Giggle Pot