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EXHIBITION - Am I Dreaming?
November 2011

Am I Dreaming?

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EXHIBITION - Happiness - August 2010

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EXHIBITION - Mud - January 2010


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8 August - 7 September 2010

Happiness is a collection of paintings inspired by children’s innocence, their ability to live in the moment and their love of laughter. This was held at the Tin Cat Café, Kent Town, as part of the 2010 SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival. The exhibition won Kirsty the Rip It Up Emerging Artist Award and was opened by South Australian media personality and mother of four, Amanda Blair who said, “As a mother, it’s these moments of pure, innocent happiness you live to see and share with your children".

Laughter, 152 x 91cm squealer Hopscotch, Freedom, 91 x 122cm Empire, 91 x 122cm Fruity, 122 x 91cm Freedom, 91 x 122cm Dreamer 122 x 91cm High Flyer, 76 x 66cm Icecream, 41 x 51cm Little Red Boat I, 20 x 20cm Little Red Boat II, 20 x 20cm Little Red Boat III, 20 x 20cm Measure, 41 x 51cm Treehouse I, 31 x 41 cm Treehouse II, 31 x 41 cm Brothers, 51 x 41cm Studio Shot Studio Shot